for Elderly with Alzheimer's or other dementia at bed

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    SAFESLEEP Safety Vest with BED SHEET - for Elderly with dementia at bed

    Designed specifically for:
    • prevent the dementia Patient from falling out of bed avoiding suffering from minor, serious or fatal injuries
    • prevent and avoid the Patient from accidents, injuries or deaths by the use of unsafe bed rails
    • prevent and avoid the Patient from accidents, injuries or deaths by the use of dangerous restraint belts
    • prevent the dementia Patient from getting out of bed without Caregiver supervision
    • prevent the dementia Patient from uncontrolled wandering through the stays of the Home or the Institution

    SAFEsleep Safety Vest consist of a special safety Bed sheet fixed to the bed frame and a reinforced safety Vest, for use with dementia Patients, designed so that the Patient can sleep safely in bed and avoid using the dangerous restraint belts and the unsafe bed rails, preventing the risk of suffering from accidents, injuries or deaths at bed.

    SAFEsleep Safety Vest is the first specific Security System to use at bed that:
    # 1 - avoid the use of dangerous Restraint belts
    # 2 - avoid the use of unsafe Bed Rails
    # 3 - provides 100% safety in the bed as per the Patient needs
    # 4 - provides Comfort and maximum Freedom of movement for the Patient, to get a better rest
    # 5 - The Patient can position and lateralize in the bed easily, without feeling of restriction.
    # 6 - SAFEsleep is manufactured with high strength components designed to guarantee the safety of the garment without risk of breakage
    # 7 - uses the fast, anti-vandalic and inviolable high security locking system F.S.F. (Fast Security Fastener) exclusive of SAFEsleep, impossible to open without the special opening key
    # 8 - prevents the dementia Patient from leaving the bed unsupervised and avoid wandering freely through the rooms of the Home or Institution
    # 9 - brings calm, safety, tranquility and convenience to the Patient's Family
    # 10 - brings calm, security, tranquility and convenience to the Caregiver and the Institution

    The complete SAFEsleep Safety Vest is supplied with:
    • "The Safety at bed of the Dementia Patient" online Course
    • 1 reinforced SAFEsleep Safety Vest
    • 1 special 100% safety Bed sheet 
    • 4 adjustable safety straps, to fix the Bed sheet and the Vest to the bed frame
    • 8  integrated anti-vandalic and inviolable high Security F.S.F. locks  (Fast Security Fastener)
    • 1 Special opening key for F.S.F. locks
    • 1 flat key # 9 and 1 flat key # 10, for easy assembly
    • 1 Instructions Of Use leaflet

    * (PDF) Safety VEST leaflet

    * (PDF) How to CHOSE the right size

    * Safety VEST MOVIE

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