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    Welcome to "The SAFETY at BED of the DEMENTIA PATIENT" online COURSE

    This course collects part of the knowledge acquired in 12 years of work related to the risks, accidents and deaths suffered by dementia Patients in their beds due to the use of dangerous Restraint belts and unsafe Bed rails.

    In Institutions and Homes around the world, recurrent serious and sometimes fatal accidents at bed occur due to the lack of adequate protocols or lack of knowledge on the Caregiver about the risks faced by dementia Patients when the Restraint belts and Bed rails are applied in beds. These devices are  comontly used to prevent dementia Patient from falling out of bed ... when in reality with these devices the dementia Patients are subject to risks and dangers that should be avoided.

    The goal of this Course is to show the Caregiver those risks and teach how to achieve 100% Safety at Bed for dementia Patients.

    I wish the information and documentation of this Course will be very useful and beneficial for the dementia Patient at risk.

    This course will be in continuous review and update ..... I invite you to visit us again from time to time.

    Please, let me know of any errors you find, and suggestions or ideas that you think may help to improve this course, will be welcome.

    J.A.C. - author of the "The SAFETY at BED of the DEMENTIA PATIENT" online Course

    email: info@safesleep.clothing


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    Course TEMARY: "The Safety at Bed of the Dementia Patient"


          RISKS at bed of the dementia Patient


          BEHAVIOUR at bed of a dementia Patient


          What is The Safety at Bed of the Dementia Patient


          RESPONSIBILITIES of the Caregiver and LEGAL matters


          RISKS with dementia Patients WANDERING without control


          HOMICIDIES due dementia Patients WANDERING without control


          RISKS at bed with Restraint Belts


          DEATHS at bed caused by Restraint Belts


          RISKS at bed with Bed Rails


          DEATHS at bed caused by Bed Rails


          SAFESLEEP Security System


          REMOTE Surveillance Camera


          Physical Restraint is LEGAL and is not Forbbiden


          Do not Tie down Grandpa….never ?


          LEGISLATION on Physical Restraint


          International ORGANIZATIONS


    1.    UE European Union


    2.    COE Council of Europe


    3.    EC European Commission


    4.    WHO World Health Organization


    5.    UN United Nations


    6.    WMA World Medical Association


    7.    WPA World Psychiatric Association


    8.    Active Citizen Network


          COUNTRIES Restraint procedures in other countries

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