• The Safety at Bed of the Dementia Patient


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    We are devoted to disclosing and promoting "The Safety at Bed of the Dementia Patient" and we offer you the new SAFEsleep Security System, developed for the dementia Patients to sleep in a 100% SAFE WAY in his bed.

    As you will see from the images, the risks of committing, or suffering, accidents, injuries or deaths in bed, or while wandering, are huge, for a dementia Patient .....

    If you are a Caregiver of a Alzheimer or other dementia Patient, the SAFEsleep Security System include an online Course on the risks that these Patients could have of suffering from bed accidents, with which you will learn to prevent them and also to avoid them. Each SAFEsleep Security System includes a FREE online course.

    A person with Alzheimer's or other dementia is a special Patient, due to his unpredictable behavior, due to his cognitive deterioration. Therefore, a bed is not always a 100% safe place and is not free of risks for these Patients, so the Caregiver must possess the necessary knowledge and know how to use the appropriate means available to avoid the dangers and situations of risk during the use of the bed.

    Every year, in most countries occur plenty of accidents with dementia Patients at bed, and the consequences are serious injuries or deaths, caused by the Patient's falls from the bed or by its sequelae, or by entrapments due the use of unsafe bed rails, or suffering from postural asphyxia due to the use of dangerous restraint belts.

    Also every year occur innumerable HOMICIDES caused by Patients with dementias who leave their beds unpredictably and wander without control or supervision for the stays, thus becoming a great risk and danger for the rest of residents, mainly at nightSAFEsleep is the only Security System that prevents the dementia Patient from leaving the bed without the supervision of the Caregiver and prevents from wandering uncontrollably through Home or Institution stays.

    To avoid those terrible incidents in SAFEsleep we train the Caregiver in the matter of Safety at Bed and we teach to use properly the SAFEsleep Security System to Safe Sleep at bed, to know how to prevent the risks and to avoid the Patient commit or suffer accidents, injuries or deaths.

    SAFEsleep Security System provide 100% Safety to the dementia Patient at bed and also provide maximum comfort and absolute freedom of movement in the bed, without feeling of restriction when the Patient moves to change position or lateralize, while sleeping or resting at bed.

    The SAFEsleep Security System provide calm, tranquility, safety and convenience to Patient, their Family and the Caregiver
  • We would like to introduce you to SAFESLEEP

    We introduce you to SAFEsleep Security System

    SAFEsleep is the new and ultimate Security System at bed for Patients with Alzheimer's or other dementias, available now in the worldwide market .....with a remote security camera included.

    This SAFEsleep Security System has been developed to protect dementia Patients, to prevent and avoid the risk of suffering an accident due to a fall from the bed, an entrapment with the unsafe Bed Rails, or a postural asphyxia due the use of dangerous Restraint belts.

    SAFEsleep is NOT a Restraint system ....... it is the new and definitive Safety Device for Gerontology, designed to seclude the dementia Patient at bed, avoiding the use of the stressful and dangerous bed rails, so Patient can sleep with 100% of SECURITY, with absolute comfort and freedom of movement, and without restriction feeling.

    Designed and manufactured with the latest technologies and with the most advanced safety components, to prevent accidents in the bed and also prevent the dementia Patient from leaving the bed unsupervised and wander without control in the stays at Home or Institution.

    The SAFEsleep Security System includes:
    • the exclusive reinforced Safety Vest
    • the special Safety Bed Sheet to fix the Vest
    • the inviolable and anti-vandalic F.S.F. Lock system (Fast Security Fastener)
    • the Remote Security Camera with Night Vision (optional)
    • the App for the Caregiver's mobile (optional)
    • the Online COURSE: "The Safety at Bed of the Dementia Patient"
    • the Instructions of Use for the whole System
    (PDF) Pulse HERE to see the SAFESLEEP leaflet

    The SAFEsleep Remote Security Camera is designed for use at Home and Institutions, to perform remotely surveillance as often as  needed and / or to record videos or photos of very agitated/violent or very conflictive Patients, for review or subsequent analysis......or to follow up any Patient that need a regular supervision.

    The camera also incorporates a sensitive microphone and a loudspeaker to be able to see, hear and speak to the Patient while the Caregiver or help are on the way.

    In institutions such as Nursing Homes and Hospitals, the Caregiver can observe, check and treat the state of a large number of dementia Patients in their beds, offering more attention, more care, more safety and more often, spending less time doing rounds around the rooms.

    The SAFEsleep remote security camera helps the Caregiver to manage and optimize the working time and facilitates the work and the tasks of control and attention to the dementia Patients in bed.

    Without fees or installation costs, the camera connects to 110-220V 50/60Hz, and to the WIFI of Home or Institution, and the App for the Caregiver mobile is totally free.
  • GOODBYE to the Unsafe Bed Rails

    Do not assume unnecessary RISKS with your dementia Patients in bed !

    say GOODBYE to the UNSAFE Bed Rails

    Now the Caregivers can forget use the UNSAFE Bed Rails that cause accidents and entrapments to dementia Patients at bed, and replace them with the new SAFEsleep Security System.

    The SAFEsleep Security System must be used in beds WITHOUT raising or using the unsafe Bed Rails.

    In this way, the Caregiver does not have to worry or think about whether or not the bed rails were raised, and risks and possible accidents to the Patient are avoided.

    A bed WITHOUT raised bed rails also benefits the Patient by avoiding the feeling of being confined and held between bars at bed.

    The freedom sensation it's improved and dementia Patient feels much better without raised bed rails.

    Use the new SAFEsleep Security System and avoid traps and deaths in the beds caused by unsafe or out of regulation bed rails.

    Click HERE to know the RISKS and DANGERS for using UNSAFE Bed Rails

  • GOODBYE to the Dangerous Restraint Belts

    Do not assume unnecessary RISKS with your dementia Patients in bed !

    say GOODBYE to the DANGEROUS Restraint Belts

    Now you can forget the use of DANGEROUS abdominal Restraint Belts that cause accidents and deaths to dementia Patients at bed, and replace them with the new SAFEsleep Security System.

    Use the new SAFEsleep Security System in beds of dementia Patients and avoid deaths and serious accidents due to postural asphyxia.

    Click HERE to know the RISKS and DANGERS for using dangerous restraint belts.

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