• The Safety at Bed of the Elderly with Dementia


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    We are devoted to promoting "The Safety at Bed of Elderly with Dementia " and we offer the new and ultimate SAFEsleep Vest & Security System, developed to sleep or rest in a 100% SAFE WAY in beds.

    The images show the high risks of committing, or suffering accidents, injuries or deaths in bed, or while wandering, for a Elderly with dementia.

    If you are a Caregiver of a Elderly with Alzheimer or other dementia, with the SAFEsleep Vest you will prevent and avoid the risks and the accidents at bed.

    A Elderly with Alzheimer's or other dementia could have a unpredictable behavior, any time, due to his cognitive deterioration. Therefore, a bed is not always a 100% safe place and is not risks free, so the Caregiver must know how to use the appropriate means available to avoid the dangers and situations of risk during bed use.

    Every year, in most countries occur plenty of accidents with Elderly with dementia at bed, and the consequences are serious injuries or deaths, caused by:

    .- the falls from the bed or by its sequelae
    .- or by entrapments due the use of unsafe bed rails
    .- or suffering from postural asphyxia due to the use of dangerous restraint belts.

    Also every year occur innumerable Homicides caused by Elderly with dementia who leave their beds unpredictably and wander without control or supervision for the stays, thus becoming a great risk and danger for the rest of residents, mainly at night.

    SAFEsleep Vest is the only device that prevents the Elderly from leaving the bed without the supervision of the Caregiver and prevents from wandering uncontrollably through Home or Institution stays.

    To avoid those terrible incidents in SAFEsleep we teach to use properly the SAFEsleep Vest to safe sleep at bed, to know how to prevent the risks and to avoid the Elderly commit or suffer accidents, injuries or deaths.

    The new SAFEsleep Vest provide 100% Safety to the Elderly with dementia at bed and also provide maximum comfort and absolute freedom of movement in bed, without feeling of restriction when Elderly moves to change position or lateralize, while sleeping or resting at bed.

    The SAFEsleep Vest provide calm, safety and convenience to the Elderly, the Family and the Caregiver
  • We introduce the ultimate SAFESLEEP Vest

    We introduce the ultimate SAFEsleep Vest & Security System

    SAFEsleep Vest is the new and ultimate Security System at bed for Elderly with Alzheimer's or other dementias, available now in the worldwide market.

    This SAFEsleep Vest & Security System has been developed to protect Elderly with dementia, to prevent and avoid the risk of suffering an accident due to:

    .-  a fall from the bed
    .- an entrapment with the unsafe Bed Rails
    .- or a postural asphyxia due the use of dangerous Restraint belts.

    SAFEsleep is NOT another restraint systemit is the ultimate Safety device designed for Gerontology, to seclude the Elderly with dementia at bed, in combination with the bed rails, so Elderly can sleep with 100% Safety, with absolute comfort and freedom of movement, and without restriction feeling.

    Designed and manufactured with the latest technologies and with the most advanced safety components, to prevent accidents in the bed and also prevent the Elderly with dementia from leaving the bed unsupervised and wander without control in the stays at Home or Institution.

  • GOODBYE to the Unsafe Bed Rails

    Do not assume unnecessary RISKS with Elderly with dementia in bed !

    say GOODBYE to the UNSAFE Bed Rails

    Now the Caregivers can use SAFEsleep Vest in combination with the Bed Rails to avoid accidents and entrapments to Elderly with dementia. 

    Use the new SAFEsleep Vest & Security System and avoid traps and deaths in the beds caused by unsafe bed rails.

    Click HERE to know the RISKS and DANGERS for using UNSAFE Bed Rails

  • GOODBYE to the Dangerous Restraint Belts

    Do not assume unnecessary RISKS with the Elderly with dementia in bed !

    say GOODBYE to the DANGEROUS Restraint Belts

    Now you can forget the use of DANGEROUS abdominal Restraint Belts that cause accidents and deaths to Elderly with dementia at bed, and replace them with the new SAFEsleep Security System.

    Use the new SAFEsleep Security System in beds of Elderly with dementia and avoid deaths and serious accidents due to postural asphyxia.

    Click HERE to know the RISKS and DANGERS for using dangerous restraint belts.

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