• The Patient Safety at Bed

    The Caregiver inexperience or lack of knowledge regarding the risks in bed for a person with Alzheimer's disease, or other dementia, cause accidents, injuries and even death of patients, every year, and in all countries of the world.

    Apparently, the bed in the picture, does NOT seem to represent any danger or risk to the Patient.

    However, experience tells us that in this bed there are hidden risks that can cause a serious accident, if the use of the bed or its components or accesories is not adequate, or if its use is combined with other devices, or the bed is used with a elder and demented Patient, which requires Caregiver some basic knowledge.

    In summary: this bed, in itself, does not represent any danger or risk, apparently, but the combination of several circumstances during its use implies risks that must be taken into account and evaluated carefully.
  • The "hidden" Risk in Beds

    The Bed Rails

    Beds is where most accidents occur.

    But, not because of the bed itself, but because of the use of other components, accesories, or devices (like Bedrails, Restraints, etc.) which combined with the bed, increase the risk, if not used correctly.

    In the United States, from 1,985 to 2,013, there have been 901 serious accidents, of which 531 are deaths, and surely, this type of incidents continue to occur since then, in that and in all the countries of the world, that continue to apply the same practices.

    You can consult this information in the link:

  • the origin of the RISKS

    When an accident occurs at Home or in an Health Institution it is due to the combination of all or part of these 8 risk components:

    • The Patient who occupies a bed ....... suffers Alzheimer's or other dementia, and does not control the way he behaves.
    • The Patient will act in an unpredictable manner and at risk to himself or to other Patients, and will do so at any time
    • There is no Protocol of "Safety at Bed" adapted to the Patient with dementia
    • The Caregiver ....... has not been trained in "The Safety at Bed of the Demented Patient"
    • Beds and / or their components ....... are inadequate, or misused
    • Unsafe Bed Rails are used .......which cause accidents
    • Dangerous Restraint belts are used ..... which cause accidents
    • The demented Patient freely wander without control or supervision in the stays of Home or Institution

    All registered accidents resulting in deaths, or serious injuries, have been caused by any of these causes or the sum of all of them ....... so that the real risk that these accidents and deaths are repeated It is very high.

    Any Caregiver or Institution that knows or does not know these risks will incur a responsibility before the Patient, the Family and the Office of the Prosecutor if it does not put a solution to prevent and avoid them.

    Claims and complaints to the Caregiver and the Institution are guaranteed in the event of an accident, if injuries or deaths occur ...... which could have been easily avoided.
  • Also in Canada......

    In Canada, from 1980 to 2008, there have been 61 serious accidents, of which 36 are deaths, and surely, this type of incidents continue to occur since then, in that and in all the countries of the world that continue to apply the same practices.

  • also in France

    also in France

    Suspicious death in a Parisian hospital
    The Point.fr - Posted on 17/10/2013 at 22:10 - Modified on 18/10/2013 at 06:45
    An elderly patient died at the Sainte-Périne hospital in Paris. "The body without life was found belted at the foot of the bed where she slept," according to "Le Parisien". While the union CGT of the AP-HP denounces a lack of staff, a police investigation was opened.

    This type of incidents continue to occur in France as well, and in all the countries of the world that continue to apply the same practices.

    Source: Le Point.fr - Published 17/10/2013 à 22:10 - Modified 10/18/2013 à 06:45
  • the lack of safety that hides a bed

    We recommend you read the TRAINING section to learn more about how to avoid the risks of accidents or injuries in Bed for the Alzheimer's Patient under your care.

    Please, contact us for any doubt that you may have related to "The Patient Safety at Bed", we will gladly assist you.
  • The Safety solution for any Bed

    The Safety solution for any Bed

    The Safety solution for any Bed

    It is recommended the use of "Safety Technical Garments in the Bed" to keep the Patient with Alzheimer's or other dementia in bed with absolute safety.

    The SAFEsleep Safety Vest is the only technical safety garment on the market that provides the necessary safety to Patient and Caregiver.

    The SAFEsleep Safety Vest can be used on ANY bed.

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